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Organic, Raw Honeydew Forest Honey 250g/ 500g

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by Wilhelm Tartler


Organic, raw honeydew forest honey. This is a non-floral honey with a dark brown colour and a pronounced warm, woody taste that is less sweet than other honeys. The aroma is reminiscent of malt, dates & fig jam. We love this with dry, smoked cheeses.

For this honey Wilhem Tartler's bee families are transported to the fir & spruce forests of the Cindrel mountains near Sibiu, Transylvania. This is a non-floral honey produced by bees collecting honeydew which is secreted by aphids and other insects feeding on the sap from trees.

100% natural, cold extracted honey that is certified organic. The honey is unpasteurised, untreated and unheated free from additives to preserve all natural enzymes, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

Please be aware that honey crystallises over time due to its high sugar content, this is nothing to worry about, in fact it's a sign of a natural, unprocessed product as only pure honey does this. If you wish to melt the crystals simply place in a bowl of warm water.

RO: Miere de Mană


Hamba, Sibiu


Organic, raw honeydew honey


Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

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