Luna Solai


      Luna Solai began in 1998 in a village called Luna in the heart of Transylvania. The name of the village 'Luna' means moon in Romanian and inspired the name of their business which produces premium cold pressed oils from Transylvanian ingredients.


      Luna Solai aim to recognise the Transylvanian tradition of cold pressing raw seeds. The Luna Solai products are all natural and made using cold pressed technology. The oils are produced from carefully selected local seeds & nuts that are not subjected to any thermal or chemical treatments therefore, acquiring a high quality and taste. This technology preserves the wealth of nutrients, vitamins & minerals that are contained in the seeds and maintains the natural taste and flavour.

      THE PRODUCE...

      The main characteristics of Luna Solai's oils are their freshness, exquisite taste & quality. Cold pressed oils boast many health advantages and pose as a beneficial food choice to include in your diet. In addition they give food an amazing, natural flavour. The range currently includes sunflower, rapeseed, walnut, hemp seed and flax seed - all of which are organic and an extra virgin pumpkin seed oil.