Cămara Copilăriei

Cămara Copilăriei


Cămara Copilăriei which translates to The Childhood Pantry was founded in 2014 from a desire to produce 100% natural products of quality and invest their time wisely, by making something with love. They aim to work hard to bring real, Romanian products to the market along with a drop of health and the wonderful flavours from the heart of Transylvania, in the form of their organic sea buckthorn & blueberry plantations in Habic, County Mures.


They produce sea buckthorn based nectars and syrups made from 100% natural ingredients, only organic sea buckthorn, blueberries and raw Romanian honey -absolutely no additions of water, sugar or preservatives. They aim to fill life with flavour, health & energy from nature.


The range currently includes sea buckthorn & honey syrup, sea buckthorn, ginger & honey syrup and sea buckthorn, blueberry & honey syrup. All are made from cold pressed sea buckthorn juice and raw, Romanian honey, packed with sweet, sharp and citrus flavours, we would say the taste lies somewhere between a sweet mango or apricot and a tart lemon.

The sea buckthorn berries are collected from late summer, sorted and washed by hand and made into this delicious syrup in small batches in the traditional way. In their raw state the fruits are extremely sour which is also why they pair so deliciously well with the natural sweetness of honey to provide you with a balanced, natural dose of energy.

Sea buckthorn is a shrub that grows in the coastal sands and mountainous regions of Romania. It has been used for many centuries as a food, a traditional medicine, a skin treatment and is often described as a 'miracle plant'.