WHO IS ROI?

      Roi was created by Alexandra and Andrei who are passionate about design, beautiful things in general and new tastes and experiences. Over time, they have come to feel the need to create something with their hands... so from here they started to play with and develop the Roi brand and create new products with raw honey from the family apiary.


      They create handmade products from and with hand-extracted raw honey. With great care for the consumer, the bees and the environment. It satisfies their need to create something that brings joy to people, to learn new things and to get the greatest satisfaction when they convey their passion to the customer and offer small moments of indulgence and joy.

      THE PRODUCE...

      They now have a beautiful range of creamed honeys combined with natural and tasty ingredients, such as creamed raw honey with salted peanuts and blueberries... a personal favourite and a must try! Although they have dressed their honey up with delicious and exciting flavours, they know just how previous the star of the show... the honey really is and they don't forget to emphasise sustainability and quality of life for the bees. They would love for you to discover their products and enjoy many moments of pampering.