Răstăuțe Maramureșene

Răstăuțe Maramureșene


Răstăuțe Maramureșene began from a childhood memory... when Anca was a child, she spent holidays at her grandparents in the countryside. Her grandmother use to make chicken soup with homemade noodles and every time Anca would admire how she rolls the dough, how thin she makes it and above all what a delicious smell it had. When she was older she used to help her, so that later in life she would know how to make them for herself and her grandmother... 

This is how they started the beautiful story of Răstăuțe Maramureșene in the world of colourful pasta. After having her first child, Anca was thinking about how to vary the foods she gives her little one and since pasta had been made in her family for a long time, she had the idea to improve her grandmothers recipe by adding various vegetables from their wonderful village garden into the pasta dough. From here their soul project came to life.


They use as many vegetables and fruits as possible from their small countryside garden, where they lovingly take care of them every weekend. The vegetables enjoy slow growth, no chemicals and gentle sunlight. Anything they don't find in their own garden, they source from gardens of small local producers in the area. The flour they use is carefully chosen and of high quality, specially made for pasta and produced in Romania from Romanian cereals. Their desire is to produce healthy, tasty & colourful pastas which bring joy to your taste buds and into your homes.


They now produce the most beautiful array of dried, handmade artisan pastas, using only natural ingredients. Their range includes wild garlic pasta, porcini pasta, spinach, beetroot, rainbow and many others flavours in a multitude of beautiful shapes.

When you buy a bag of pasta, you're buying quality and flavour and with every bag you support a local, family business and a small country garden rich with healthy vegetables.