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Mountain elderberry syrup 300ml - De Mana

Elderberry Syrup 300ml

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by Cămara de la Munte


This antioxidant packed powerhouse of a fruit creates a deliciously smooth, sweet, tart syrup with earthy undertones. It's flavour and deep, dark colour is the perfect match for a homemade lemonade with fresh lemon juice and sparkling spring water or poured over a sweet, spiced french toast.

The elderberries are picked, sorted and washed by hand. The syrup is produced in small batches from spontaneous mountain flora. 100% natural & free from flavours, dyes & preservatives.

Shake well before use. Recommended dilution is 1:5.

RO: Sirop de Fructe de Soc


Marsiel, Cluj


67% elderberries, 33% sugar


Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Refrigerate after opening & consume within 30 days.

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