Email de Sighișoara




      'Email de Sighișoara' have been hand making enamelled dishes in the medieval city of Sighisoara, Transylvania for over 40 years. They aim to provide a solution to cook in a healthier way. The products are created together with a team of designers to ensure the enamel is given the value and attention it deserves. Despite recipes and ways of cooking changing over time, enamel dishes continue to be one of te healthiest ways of cooking.


      All premium enamel products from Email de Sighișoara are handmade and covered with three layers of protective enamel glass. The glass is a protective barrier that is applied over the initial steel sheet. The glass is odourless, antibacterial, easy to clean and does not alter the taste of the food being cooked. Enamel dishes continue to be one of the healthiest materials to use for cooking.

      They start the production process with a special steel that is thicker than what is normally used in the industry, this helps to distribute the heat evenly. The first layer of enamel is then applied which, by burning, turns into glass. There are then two more layers of enamel applied that give together protection and colour. At over 800 degrees, the perfect sealing of the glass layers is ensured, obtaining a perfectly smooth surface, which provides increased protection. One simple enamel bowl is created with the hep of 25 talented people!

      THE RANGE...

      The range includes beautifully coloured enamel mugs, bowls, plates, pots & pans... Crockery perfect for use at home everyday, entertaining guests, garden parties or taking out for picnics and BBQ's... the choice is yours. Colourways include pastel blue, pistachio green, opal pink, caramel cream and slate grey.