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Flame cooked aubergine salad 320g - De Mana
Flame cooked aubergine salad 320g - De Mana
Flame cooked aubergine salad 320g - De Mana

Flame Cooked Aubergine Salad 320g

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by Răzvan Idicel


A traditional, Romanian aubergine dip or spread known as 'salata de vinete', which is made by combining charred aubergines cooked on the fire with sunflower oil and seasoning. It is a well loved speciality served frequently in the summertime with fresh bread, raw onion and fresh tomatoes with 'telemea' cheese which is similar to a feta style cheese.

Made by hand by four housewives from the village of Idicel in North Transylvania, who ensure the wood fire is prepared for baking the aubergines until the skin burns. Once the aubergines are cooled and peeled from their skins the flesh is beaten by hand with a wooden spoon with sunflower oil and seasoning for over an hour, until the dip has the correct consistency and flavour.

RO: Salată de Vinete


Idicel Padure, Mures


Flame cooked aubergines, sunflower oil, salt


Store in a cool dry place. Refrigerate once opened.


We are unable to make any health claims about the benefits of this product but we encourage you to do your own research.


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