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Pasta ringlets 'zulufi' 350g bag - De Mana
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Pasta Ringlets 'Zulufi' 350g

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by De la buna Romanița


These pasta ringlets or swirls are made from the same recipe as the traditional Romanian 'Lașcă'. Lașca is the regional name given to traditional, homemade Romanian noodles (pasta) that are used in both savoury and sweet dishes. In the countryside lașcă is prepared in every home by the housewives and is used as part of a traditional menu at family events, holidays and on Sundays.

They are made from flour, a little salt and eggs from their own households from truly free range chickens. Following a traditional, family recipe and passed on through the generations, the dough is prepared on a wooden board and battered by hand until it thickens. It is then rolled twice - first with a rolling pin, and second in a manual pasta machine and then left to dry. The rolled dough is made into the ringlets, which are then left to dry on cotton towels. This natural process of production is what makes the difference between 'Lașcă' noodles and industrial products.

This product is 100% natural and completely free from additives & preservatives.


Soimus, Hunedoara


White wheat flour, free range eggs, salt 


Store in a cool, dry place

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