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Organic peaches in syrup 580ml - De Mana

Organic Peaches in Syrup 580ml

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by Pomăria Bădăchin


An organic peach compote that preserves all the beautiful flavours of summer and gives you the delicate, fragrant taste of peaches throughout the year. The peaches are cared for and carefully selected at peak ripeness at an organic orchard in Bădăchin. The fruits are then cleaned and made into compote at the processing unit at the orchard. Meaning no transport or cold storage.

We love this sweet fruit in syrup poured over vanilla ice cream.


Badachin, Salaj


Organic peaches 300g, brown cane sugar, lemon juice


Store in a cool dry place. After opening store in the refrigerator & consume within 1 month.


We are unable to make any health claims about the benefits of this product but we encourage you to do your own research.

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