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54% Milk Chocolate with Roasted Walnut 80g

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by Dulceata lu' Razvan


Milk chocolate with roasted walnut 54%

Handcrafted bean to bar chocolate made from cocoa beans from Congo & Venezuela. This 54% milk chocolate is paired with roasted, Transylvanian walnuts. Razvan has created the first bean to bar chocolate company in Romania, with an aim for the chocolate to have a local taste and represent the Transylvanian surroundings. 

Bean to bar chocolate defines the chocolate making process, where the maker is in control of every step from purchase of the cocoa beans to creation of the chocolate bar. With a great care for quality, sustainability, traceability and transparency.


Idicel Padure, Mures


Cocoa 54% (organic), cocoa butter (organic), milk (organic), cane sugar (organic), roasted walnut


Do not expose to heat or light

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