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Pomăria Bădăchin



Pomăria Bădăchin is a family run organic fruit farm located in Bădăchin, County Salaj, Transylvania. It started in 2007 with a love for nature, the traditional Romanian village life and healthy, tasty food.

They grew up in the middle of nature where it is normal to be fed from the family gardens and orchards and spent their childhood in this village of Bădăchin with parents and grandparents. The fruit farm started from a desire to have their own peach tree orchard, so they started planting on the land of grandparents first peaches, then cherries, raspberries and walnuts. As the years passed their passion developed and they expanded by purchasing neighbouring plots of land and an apple orchard.



Pomăria Bădăchin love & respect nature and work as traditionally as possible to produce environmentally friendly, clean and healthy products. The fruits are sold fresh in Romania however, there is now also a processing unit at the farm where they make jams & compotes only from their own fruits that are certified organic. Once the fruits have been carefully cared for and reached peak ripeness, they are hand picked, cleaned and cooked to make jam or compote. Because no transport or cold storage of the fruits is involved in the process, the fruits are preserved at their best and the final product is fresh and of the highest quality.


Their range currently includes organic peach jam, peach compote and raspberry jam. The peach jam contains 98% fruit and 2% brown sugar! This gives the product an incredible fresh and fruity flavour that cannot be compared to most industrially produced products. The peach compote is traditionally prepared to a grandmother's recipe and evokes childhood memories of making and eating peach compote to preserve the flavours of summer. All the products are 100% natural and completely free from additives.

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