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'Măr de Bran' means the Apple of Bran, the concept of this juice is to offer you a very special, unique product, the natural, apple juice of the 'apple of Bran'. Măr de Bran encourages the simplicity of centuries worth of tradition and its authentic flavours.

Bran is located in the heart of Transylvania at the foothills of the Bucegi mountains. Bran village itself is a popular tourist destination, due to it being home to the medieval Bran Castle, home of Dracula in Bram Stoker's novel.


The farm is located in the Rucăr-Bran corridor, between the Bucegi mountains and Piatra Craiului, a place of customs & traditions. Everything here is as nature intended... the apples redden only at the touch of the rain and sun.


The farm processes natural juice, entirely from organic apples.

The apple juice is produced on the farm immediately after the apples have been harvested. The quality of the fruit is extremely important for the nutritional properties of the juice, for the taste and the colour. That is why Mar de Bran's organic apples are harvested directly from the tree and come only from traditional orchards and not from an intensive cultivation. For this reason also, the quantities of the juice are carefully controlled. The apples are chosen carefully & skilfully, washed in spring water, then chopped and cold pressed.

The processing is absolutely minimal, the only technological process being the pasteurisation, which is done is such a way that the apple juice retains its' nutritional & health properties.


The resulting product of this meticulous process is a 100% natural, organic apple juice with no added water and absolutely no additives or preservatives.

The slightly cloudy appearance is due to its' increased consistency in beneficial health components. The fragrance is of sweet, delicious apples and the taste is light, fresh, sweet, slightly sour and suitable for any time of the day - with breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

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