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Bunătăți Uscate


Bunătăți Uscate, which means dried goodies was born in 2018, when out of love for their little children Sorin & Mihaela decided to return to nature and to have real food at hand. They gave up their comfortable jobs in the city and moved to the picturesque Apuseni mountain region of Transylvania, to enjoy the abundance of nature.


They preserve natural ingredients by the means of dehydration to treat various ailments and for the use of daily foods. Dehydration not only preserves the foods but also intensifies the flavours and aromas of the products. The process takes place in their small workshop, where they use professional dehydration equipment that works at low temperatures so that the products keep a high proportion of their nutrients & vitamins. 


The produce of Bunătăți Uscate is 100% natural with no added sugars, additives or preservatives. Living in a mountainous area they have at their hands the wonders of spontaneous flora such as mushrooms, wild fruits and plants for tea. At the same time they make use of a variety of vegetables cultivated by locals who work the land in the fresh Apuseni air. Everything that they do is dedicated to their loved ones that instilled in them this method of preservation and who showed them how important t is to enjoy the simple things.

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