Doftana Păstrăvăria



      Păstrăvăria Doftana is a mountain trout farm in the commune of Valea Doftana, Romania at the foot of the Predeluț-Prișcu mountains and is owned by Vasile Lupu. The location of the farm is at an altitude of 1100m at the border between Prahova & Brasov counties.

      The trout farm is a family business and Vasile learnt and got to know this corner of heaven from his grandfather Dumitru. In the summer as a child, he had the privilege to spend most of his vacations with his grandfather. In the morning when he woke he ran first with a basket of twigs to the trout pools, to harvest the trout that jumped out of the pool overnight. The trout farm is what it is today due to Vasile's desire to continue his grandfathers legacy.

      THE PRODUCE...

      The traditionally grown trout at Doftana are a high quality delicacy, they have a pure taste of fresh mountain water, the meat is toned and has a muscular fiber, due to swimming in strong currents of water from the pools where they grow. With no pollution upstream or around the trout pools, the water is continuously collected in the trout farm and its special qualities are class 1 surface waters. These qualities of water give the finished product a refined taste. The trout are also only given food of high quality all from non-GMO organisms.

      Doftana has four products which are certified as traditional, Romanian products these include the trout zacusca that we have available, as well as trout sausages, baked trout and smoked trout.